Reducing the spread of covid-19


Hands. Face. Space. 

see video here 
Face Covering info:

Please familiarise yourself with the following

  • Do not enter the facility if you have any Covid-19 symptoms
  • All sessions will enter and exit via the main reception
  • Please sanitise your hands upon entrance of the building and pass straight through reception
  • Face coverings are mandatory whilst walking through the building to your session (adults only)
  • Remain in designated area outside of room/pitch, do not enter for any reason whilst another session is ongoing
  • Do not enter the room/pitch until allocated time
  • Practice social distancing whenever possible if you encounter other customers in the facility
  • Only participants will be permitted entry, please do not invite spectators to your sessions
  • There will be no access to changing rooms and showers
  • There will toilets made available on site. These toilets are not to be used as changing rooms, please arrive appropriately dressed for your activity
  • We will not be hiring out any balls/bibs or extra equipment for your sessions
  • Our staff can provide emergency first aid if needed, this is at their personal discretion based on the circumstances surrounding the injury and the assistance required. The staff will wear gloves and a mask if first aid is to be administered.


 NHS Test & Trace 

  • The group leader is responsible for emailing in Full Names and Telephone Numbers for all of their groups attendees to aid NHS Test and Trace – Please ensure this is done prior to arrival at the facility.
  • If the group members vary on a weekly basis or a temporary member is invited for an individual session, please update the staff via email prior to the session commencing.
  • Please submit the email into and structure it in the following way:
    > Subject: Date & Time of Booking
    > Your Full Name and Contact Number
    > a. Participant 1 Full name & Contact Number
    > b. Participant 2 Full name & Contact Number

    > c. etc…

  • Our staff cannot collect this information from you at the front desk 

  • The information received will be kept for a maximum of 4 weeks and will not be used for any purpose other than to alert users of the facility if it becomes necessary to do so
  • If you are a coaching a children’s or vulnerable adults session, different rules apply, please contact us 
  • If you or anyone in your group is diagnosed with Covid-19 please alert us straight away

Staggered session timings 

    1. Your session may start up to 10 minutes earlier or later than usual. 
    2. To minimise group crossovers, customers will only be allowed onsite 10 minutes before their session start, this will allow customers to sanitise their hands and make way to the designated wait zones outside of the activity space. If you arrive earlier, you will be asked to remain outside the building.
    3. During the soft opening period, each booking slot will be reduced to 55 minutes (usually 1 hour). If your booking consists of 2 (or more) consecutive hours, your group can remain in the activity area and do not need to exit/re-enter every 55 minutes.
    4. A member of staff will be present to alert you of the session end time and to help facilitate the changeovers, once your session ends please vacate the facility promptly.

      Our block-bookers are familiar with a particular session start time. Before the closure in March, each session started on the hour and was a total of 1 hour in length.

      Please be wary that your session start times in September may have moved slightly earlier or later than usual. This is to stagger the groups coming into/exiting the facility to help reduce congestion at the entrance. You can find your updated booking times when checking your account   

      An indication of how the sessions are now staggered (compared to our usual pre March 2020 timings) is given below:

      • 9-a-side 3G      
        start times:  hh:50         end times:   hh:45 +1    
        (Now starts 10 minutes 
        before pre March timing,  example: 6:00pm booking will start at 5:50pm)
      • Gymnasium     
        start times:  hh:05         end times:   hh:00 +1       
        (Now starts 5 minutes After  pre March timing, example: 6:00pm booking will start at 6:05pm)
      • Sports Hall       
        start times:  hh:10         end times:   hh:05 +1       
        (Now starts 10 minutes
         After  pre March timing, example: 6:00pm booking will start at 6:10pm)

Youth sessions

Indoor sessions
1. Maximum of 6 adults in the hall –  for example 3 coaches and only if necessary, 3 authorised assistants. No Spectators
2. Parents and guardians to wait outside the facility – just to the side of the main entrance near/inside the fenced area labelled ‘Cafe Vert’
3. Coaches and session leaders must meet-and-greet their participants outside the front entrance and walk the group through to their hall
4. It is the Coaches /session leaders responsibility to keep an accurate register of each session
5. At end of session the coach/session leader will bring all participants to the same area outside the main entrance to be picked up

Q. What if I’m running late?
A. In this instance, to minimise unnecessary close contact, the parent/guardian will be allowed in to the building briefly to drop the child off to the class, they then must vacate the building immediately. Please adhere to the Hands. Face. Space.

Outdoor sessions

Parents and guardians of a child participating in an outdoor area are permitted to pass through the building (adhering to Hands. Face. Space.) to drop their child off to their session. They can then either remain in the playground, socially distancing themselves from others not in their bubble of they can leave the site.
Under all weather conditions* Congregating in Lobbies / Corridors / toilets is not permitted.

*Outdoor sessions are usually cancelled if there is a severe weather warning from the met-office




  • For booking made directly via the website, the new pricing structure can be found here:    
To adapt to the recent announcement of new measures, a reduced pricing structure now applies for indoor adult sessions 
  Sports Hall       £18
  Gymnasium      £15
  Studio              £15
  Theatre            £15
  Badminton  (1x Court only)
       – Sports Hall   £12 
       – Gymnasium  £11


We understand that this is a big change to our usual procedures, but please help us in mitigating COVID-19 transmissions by following the above guidelines and instructions of the staff on the day. 


Please do contact us if you have any other queries or concerns.