About Us


The History of George Green’s

 Who we are

George Green’s Full Service Extended School is a co-educational 11 to 19 voluntary controlled school, with some 1,200 students and 150 staff (teachers and support staff). It serves a culturally and socially diverse community on the Isle of Dogs, in the East End of London. The area is part of the Enterprise Zone being created by the London Docklands Development Corporation and in recent years this has radically altered the local environment and community.

 The Future

The future of George Green’s Community Bookings is to continue to deliver and develop opportunities for the community in the area of sport and leisure, to enhance and improve the quality of life for the people living and working in Tower Hamlets.


Mokbul H      (Manager)
Bikash S    (
Violeta T    (Supervisor)
Wafa M      (
Kebreab B 
Leigh T        (Supervisor)

Junior H
Benjamin M
Nikki R
Jack C
Maria M
Mahfuza A
Abdullah M