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Hydro-Pool Terms and Conditions



  1. Subject to the provision of these regulations, activity in any area is permitted between the agreed opening hours.
  2. No area shall be sectioned off without prior consent from the Facilities Manager/acting person in charge.
  3. Application forms for hydro-pool bookings must be submitted to the Sales and Lettings Manager at George Green’s School, 100 Manchester Road, E14 3DW.
  4. The name, address, email address and contact telephone number of the person in charge/responsible of each school/organisation/individual must be registered electronically on the George Green’s Community Bookings website:
    a. Register your name and an email address
    b. Edit your address and contact number
    Ensure that your inputted address matches your current organisations/school billing address, as our AVS may not allow a booking/payment to be made without the correct matching information.
  5. On receipt of notification of bookings, schools/organisation/individual will become immediately liable for payment of the prevailing charges for hydro-pool use. Any group that wishes to cancel a booking should do so following the rules herein. Failure to do this may result in the customer being liable for the total outstanding charge.
  6. Those responsible for booking(s), which are not required for whatever reason and wish to cancel must notify the Sales and Lettings Manager 5 working days in advance of use/booking date. Failure to do so will result in a charge for the booking. All cancellations must be made in writing and/or via email to
  7. If a booking is cancelled, too late for compliance with regulation 6 above, notification of cancellation must be given in writing to the Sales and Lettings Manager. All cancellations must be made in writing and/or via email to
  8. The user to whom a booking is issued will be held responsible for the behaviour of participants whilst on Council property. Any user failing to comply with this regulation, may have all the remaining bookings cancelled by the Sales and Lettings Manager/school. In such event, any fees paid may at the school’s discretion, be returned.
  9. Block bookings issued by the Sales and Lettings Manager /school must not be transferred without the prior written permission of the school.
  10. Facilities Manager/person in charge is authorised to prohibit use if, in their opinion, it would be seriously detrimental to the facility.
  11. In the event of the above point 10, owing to the condition of the facility, any fees paid will be returned to those concerned and no formal application need be made.
  12. Members of the public are not permitted to pay and the Sales and Lettings Manager /person in charge are not permitted to solicit or accept gratuities. Infringement of this regulation renders the staff in question, liable to dismissal.
  13. The Sales and Lettings Manager /person in charge reserves the right to reject any application for use without giving reasons. Users of the hydro-pool are responsible for the welfare of their clients/students.
  14. No responsibility will be accepted or liability will accrue or compensation be made in the event or loss or damage being suffered by any user on account of failure of a temporary or permanent nature of lighting or heating or any other service like arrangements. The hydro-pool/school can accept no responsibility or liability for any alteration, delay or cancellation of any booking by war, threats of war, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural disasters, fire, sickness, bad weather, act of governmental or public authority and/or acts of god.
  15. Unacceptable conduct, the failure to comply with a management request or instruction and action likely to cause danger or annoyance to other persons will result in the cancellation or suspension of use without a refund fee.
  16. The Sales and Lettings Manager /person in charge reserves the right to remove from the facility persons who fail to comply with any of these conditions of the rules and regulations governing the use of the facility.
  17. The hydro-pool/school can accept no liability for accident, expenses, claims, losses, damages, penalties and demands arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the facility, save where such accidents etc. occur by reason of the school’s negligence.
  18. The user undertakes to pay the school on demand the cost of making good any damage to the building, goods and chattels, apparatus and appliances. Either of the school or any other person arising during the period of, or in connection with the user’s use of the centre or the use of the facility by any person under the user’s control.
  19. Photography/Video for professional use and for publication shall not be taken without prior consent of the Sales and Lettings Manager /school.
  20. No refreshments shall be taken into the areas outside the designated areas, without the prior consent of the Sales and Lettings Manager /school.
  21. The Sales and Lettings Manager /school reserves the right to vary, amend or introduce new regulations as it may in its absolute discretion, deem to be necessary for the efficient operation of the facility.
  22. The organiser is responsible for ensuring that any activities for children/adults are supervised by a minimum of two adults at all times around pool side.
  23. For private hydrotherapy bookings, the organiser is responsible for ensuring that a competent and qualified (in emergency pool response and rescue) carer will be present at all times around poolside. Certification of successful training or qualification must be submitted prior to making a booking to The Facilities Manager will verify the qualification and then arrange to provide an induction to the carer and organiser before bookings can commence.
  24. Only those areas specifically booked may be used for the purpose specified on the application.
  25. Any damage or accident occurring shall be reported to the Sales and Lettings Manager /person in charge at the time and also in writing to the school.
  26. Smoking is forbidden anywhere in the school building.
  27. Shoes cannot be worn in the changing room areas or around poolside (shoe covers are available for use).
  28. On acceptance of the terms and conditions of the hydro-pool, you accept that a contract will commence and finish as laid out in the contents of the order/invoice detailing the bookings and costs.